Llorente's 3rd Goal In Minute 59


Cannon is substituted by the 16-year-old Rochdale prospect Dan Adshead. "Who will see the ball?" "While VAR makes everyone wait in the snow to make the wrong choice, there is snow all over the pitch and nobody believes to alter the imperceptible ball to orange. As a renowned band once sang, the contemporary world is crap." Lamela curls the free kick over the wall and away from the right-hand post. Lillis did not move. As well, because Alli latches on the rally and hits it directly at him. Lamela turns on the jets down the inside-right station, and is blocked by McNulty to the right of the D. I think; there is a great deal of snow on the pitch, obscuring the lines. A free kick in a dangerous place, however. Spurs stroke it around the trunk awhile, causing small trails in the snow. No hat-trick for Son, it simply was not meant to be. He is replaced by Dele Alli. "As a little Spurs fan, can we use Gareth Beale to slag them off more often please?" He must definitely monetize his gift, yes.

The excellent Lucas Moura drops deep and slides a pass down the inside-left station for Lamela, who hooks low into the middle. Son is liberated in acres and sidefoots house for his third second of the match. He could not miss. Kitching is substituted by Thompson. Winks is substituted by Dembele. "VAR isn't merely useless, it is contrary to the whole spirit of soccer, which is living in the moment," claims David Taylor. "Ref mistakes have always happened and always evened out in the long term. It is only a game, and it is to be appreciated. Even if VAR does finally work the delays will ruin games. As we are now, the delays ruin the decisions continue to be wrong." agen sbobet terpercaya

That's the ideal hat-trick for Fernando Llorente: left foot, right foot, header, no additional goals in between. "I am glad that Llorente has taken my constructive criticism on board and got out his finger," deadpans Gareth Beale. Son almost literally skates to the box, reaches the byline, and stands up one into the far post. Llorente, from close range, completes a! Done romps down the left and reaches the byline, then almost finds Humphrys on the edge of the Spurs box using a pullback. Not quite, but there is an indication that Rochdale is not quite finished yet. The snow actually is belting down today. The Wembley turf is as white as Tottenham's top notch. Son and Moura combine sweetly down the inside-right station, exchanging crisp passes. Moura drops into the box and crosses low towards the near post. Llorente flicks a casual end into the net from close range.


Lillis reads this one well, and blooters it apparent from the edge of the place prior to the Spurs striker can take control. "We have watched VAR ruin numerous games in the A-league this season and had it next to nobody," reports Peter Dawson. "The human element is what gets blamed. It appears the human factor will always be there VAR or not, but people can forgive a ref missing something at the present time. But screwing up something with the advantage of replays and a deep breath to get some common sense will find fans turn away. I wanted VAR to work but it is a couple of years away from being ready for the top tiers of soccer." Lamela slides through the rear of Camps, and might very easily be looking at another yellow. However, the referee shows empathy. The Spurs winger wants to see himself; he is at the last-chance saloon now.